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The Reel Life

My adventures with the camera.

Film Reel

Demo Reel of my film work.

Tom, Dick & Harry

Adapted from a short story, the film is about a suspended-from-duty detective, Dick, who gets a call from a hunted man named Tom, whom Harry is going to kill. Or is it?

Based on the short story by Bharadwaj Vijaysarathy.

Made as the semester long project for the Advanced Visual Story course at the Entertainment Technology Center.

Roles played: Screenplay/Director/Editor/VFX

A Vampire Love Story (Visual Story)

Music Video created as part of the Visual Story course at the ETC. Created as part of a 4-member team.

Roles played: Co-Writer/Director/Actor/Editor

Straight from the Heart (Visual Story)

A short film created in 48 hours as part of the 48 Hour Film Project assignment. Conceptualization, pre-production, production and post-production was done within a 48-hour time span. Created as part of a 4-member team.

Roles played: Co-Writer/Director/Actor/Co-Editor

Team Promo (Visual Story)

A short film created as a team promo for the Visual Story team. Was created as part of a 4-member team.

Roles played: Writer/Director/Actor

Retrofit (Visual Story)

The assignment required us to retrofit an existing scene from a film.  The scene our team picked was the business card scene from American Psycho. We were allowed to add our own touch to the retrofit; we had each team member mouth their dialogues in their native tongue.

Welcome to the ETC

Music video created to showcase student life at the ETC.

Roles played: Director/Editor

Adventure Module Music Video

Music video created as an assignment for the ETC Fundamentals course. Created as part of a 6-member team.

Roles played: Concept/Director/Co-Editor


Silent, short film created as an entry for Mood Indigo 2008, the cultural festival hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Roles played: Writer/Director/Editor

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