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Computer Science Department, CMU (CS 15-662)


Basic OpenGL


Familiarity with basic OpenGL concepts and real-time graphics programming. Implementation of basic camera and lighting functionality, and rendering a 3D mesh and heightmap.


Basic raytracer to handle shadows and reflections. Involved intersection tests for all types of geometries in the scene. Also handled specular lighting of the scene and direct lighting and shadows by shooting rays from camera and shadow rays from point of intersection.


Five Worlds. Rapid prototyping. Pipeline experience.

Average pipeline lifetime: 2 weeks

World |01


Hash House Hurry

Character A is afraid of Character B. The guest (player) had to help Character A achieve his/her objective despite Character B's intimidation.

Platform: Microsoft Kinect

Script files here

World |02



Create a consistent, highly interactive, and engaging experience that lets guests feel like they have a lot of freedom in the choices they make. The game has to be experienced by a naive guest, who may or may not have played computer games. Only one verbal instruction can be given to the guest during gameplay.

Platform: Sony Playstation Move

Script files here

World |03


Barefoot Olympics

Play an assortment of track and field events, with aluminium foot pads attached to the Makey Makey. Initial setup included 16 aluminium foot pads, with 4 pads per team. Each four member team tapped their feet on the aluminium pads to make their player advance on the track. Three sports were available: sprint, hurdles and long jump.

Platform: Makey Makey

Script files here

World |04



The assignment was to tell a compelling, meaningful story where the guest has some ability to control the events during the story; the story had to be interactive in some tangible fashion.

Gameplay involved putting out the weird alarms that have been set by the evil mouse, so that Catboy can sleep.

Platform: Microsoft Kinect

Script files here

World |05



A theatrical interactive experience.

Help Jayne Cobb escape a ancient Mayan cavern on Earth-that-was, as debris falls from above, before the cavern closes at the top.

Platform: Microsoft Kinect + Sony Playstation Move

Script files here

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